Our History

Lipsweb has been running in some capacity since 2001. The first name that we operated under was Faux Productions. This company was setup for the owner to work under while doing an official website, being it is the most professional way to do business is to have your own company. Over the years, the owner had developed several websites involving a wide range of the internet demographics, and in turn the company has expanded by doing this. That is when Faux Productions became FauxStars Entertainment. We are not only a web design and hosting company, but we are also an entity by itself. The self owner / operator has been doing websites ever since 2001, and has an excellent knowledge of how to deliver the best web based solution for the site owner plus most importantly the web surfing audience. Our self owned sites portfolio includes a celebrity site, celebrity fan forum, musician site, streaming internet radio station, eating disorder support sites and forums, and the list is ever growing. FauxStars even had its very own premodified bulletin board system called UltraphpBB, an extremely modified version of the phpBB2 platform. Our knowledge includes working on and optimizing graphics and pictures using photoshop, optimizing websites meta tags with complete search engine submission, installing plus adding coding modifications to bulletin board systems as well as making themes, our very own exclusive php website template, rendering large audio and or video files to compress them to a smaller size, right up to and including making your very own web presence from scratch.

Our Mission

The mission of Lipsweb is simple. To give the clients, customers, and our audience the best most secure web presence available. We make things like navigation simple and to the point so your own audience isn’t looking all over the place to find what they are looking for. Speed is also of importance. You don’t want to wait forever for a page to load, and neither does your audience. Most people will click out and go somewhere else when that happens. Not only that, it takes up valuable resources when things are not optimized correctly costing you money for services you wouldn’t otherwise need. Security is of upmost importance too, for both you and your audience. There are so many little things one can do in the backend to rectify that situation, to have the potential exposure of valuable information. Sometimes it is the things you do not see that makes all the difference. Lipsweb takes security very seriously and so should you.

Our Services

Lipsweb offers several optimizations for websites and forums including cache methods, coding improvements, image file size reductions plus alternative options for scripts. We can setup your web presence top suit your needs, whether it be on a WordPress platform, a forum based community with phpBB, right up to a complete static website using the least system resources possible. With us we can assess your requirements and come up with the best solution for your situation. We also do custom htaccess security implementations, and can make your emails fully DMARC certified. If you are looking for a management solution to keep your current site plugins and core platform up to date we can do that too.